Not shopping


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More controversy.

This isn’t a new argument within the circles of current social media – everybody has something to say about something on Facebook and Twitter, and because I want often want to slap people through the computer, I rarely jump on the any of the available bandwagons rolling by. (i say rarely but look at me…twice in one week)  I have decided, however, to stick my nose into things that currently don’t apply to or directly concern me. Cuz I can. This is my blog. Neener, neener.

Shopping on Thanksgiving. Am I going to shop on November 28th? Probably not. But, I choose not to shop not because of any great protest, but because I personally don’t want to be one of the jerks that the cashiers complain about. It’s my personal choice.

I will not jump on the petition pages, I won’t share or like the memes that are floating around and hitting my FB page. Again, it’s my choice. I don’t like that there are retailers open on Thanksgiving, actually I think it sucks; big, wide, and loud. I don’t believe this can be changed by consumers refusing to shop anyway…there are far too many people that want to be able to give nice things or expensive things for Christmas (Chanukkah, Kwanza, Whateverakwaza). As long as retailers have the great sales or teasers or the “black Friday early” specials, people will shop, making it necessary for people to work.

I would like to be a hard ass and say “If you work there and you don’t want to have to work on Thanksgiving or at 3:30 am Black Friday, get another job”. But I can’t. I worked in retail for 3 years after I left banking. I hated it, but I needed the money, I needed that job.

I have seen rebuttals and arguments about this. Friends have said things like “These companies are requesting volunteers to work” or “Usually the people that are working don’t have families or plans on the holidays so they are the ones that are scheduled.” Bull crap. #2 worked at one of these Major retailers for 3 Thanksgivings. EVERYONE had to work a three hour shift. Total bull crap.

FYI…I won’t be going out on black Friday either.

This is my fault, how?


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I just took a phone call from someone who angrily demanded to know if we were going to take the “flack” from the school nurse because her kids’ check-ups are due in November and we couldn’t fit them in until January.

-Apparently the school nurse sent her a letter that to inform her that if the kids don’t get check-ups they will not be able to come back to school after the Thanksgiving break. I happen to know that if they sent her this letter, they have sent her other letters and she ignored them. What she, and most of these parents don’t know, is that the school can’t follow through with this threat.¹ Many of the schools bank on the parents being ignorant of this. The scare letters work, so they use ‘em. I don’t really blame the school nurses; I work with these parents too, so I know that if you don’t get what you need from them, you can threaten them with having to spend time with their offspring. You will get a quicker response. Hey, its nasty, but it works.

Now, it’s not my problem that you can’t pick up your phone and call this office to make an appointment. If you know your child is due for a checkup in November, make the damned appointment! Ok, let’s be honest… most parents don’t have a freakin clue when the child needs their yearly appointment even though they have had their kids for a while. They simply are not aware that the letter they received from this office telling them to make an appointment means they should call TODAY to get that appointment.

Every year they call at the last minute to get forms filled out for camp, or sports, or scouts, or the school nurse’s office. Because their child is the next Derek Jeter or Michael Jordan and he will make millions of dollars and become famous, when they can’t get a checkup appointment for this week or they are informed next available is 3 months from now, they yell at me. “This happens every year! My son needs this for football, if he doesn’t have these forms in my Friday he can’t play”²

This is my fault, how?

Also, let’s think about this, shall we? If it happens every year, maybe you need to call sooner? Why the hell would you think, even for a split second, that you could make a November check-up appointment on November 21st?

¹They can, however, follow through with the ‘if your kid doesn’t have their immunizations, they can’t come to school’ threat.
²Basketball, baseball, wrestling – whatever

New Job Opportunity? Maybe.


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A few months back I applied for a transfer within the company. I heard nothing. This was not the first time I have applied for an internal position that looked/sounded interesting nor was it the first time I heard nothing about the application.  In the years I have worked here, I have never heard back about a job application.

When I first applied for the job I currently have, I only received a call from them because Len’s best friend’s wife was friendly with the hiring manager and forwarded my resume directly to her. When I was officially offered the position, I was asked me to go to the website and submit an application. Yeah, I had done that. I don’t have a lot of faith in the HR department.

So I tell you this in order to explain why the phone call I received from HR was so surprising. I was called to see if I would be interested in 2 different positions that have been posted. She wanted to know if I would be ok with her (HR Rep) forwarding my resume to the hiring managers of these two different departments. Much better pay. Management. Not in this office. Um, YEEEEAH!

I am interviewing for one of the jobs this evening. Of the two positions, this is not the one I would choose (If I were able to choose)

1)      It is at the hospital – not in a medical office three blocks from home. I would probably have to buy a car. (the last few years without a car payment, insurance payment, or gas have been awesome)

2)      It is straight evenings as opposed to 1 or 2 evenings per week

3)      It is every other weekend. Just kinda icky

The interview is a good thing. I know it is. Experience & practice.  What the hell will I do if I receive a job offer from them?

A sign of the apocalypse?


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It’s 9:30 am. Every patient has shown up for their appointment so far.  That is unbelievable. Maybe last Sunday’s full moon had something to do with it. I kind of doubt that, Yesterday we had 24 No-Shows, Monday there were 19. The full moon theory is tissue paper thin.

I believe it is a sign of the apocalypse. The world must surely be coming to an end.

The December schedule


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Did I tell you about the December secretary’s schedule? Now there is another clusterf***

Allie got the schedule first. It was Kay’s turn. Somehow she always thinks she should get it first because somehow she always thinks that last month she didn’t have it first. (I think she ‘didn’t know’)

So, she chooses her evenings and Saturdays first and then brings it over to Kay. – This was last week…maybe Thursday. – She rattles and blathers on about flu clinics and what the codes that she has written on this calendar mean. Kay tuned her out. I actually saw her eyes glaze over and the station change. It was so cool to see…I wish I had a video camera to capture that moment.

Kay and I are sitting here together a few minutes later and I say to her “Let’s do the schedule together”

She’s says “Ok good, Allie confused me, I didn’t understand what she was saying so I stopped listening” (what did I tell you?).

I looked at the calendar and counted how many nights (total) we have to cover; there are 15 evenings and 4 Saturdays. For the last couple of months both Kay and I have worked 2 Saturdays each month, so it’s her turn to work 2 Saturdays leaving Kay and I with one Saturday each and all three of us with 5 evenings.

Makes sense to me

She is having minor surgery in December and because of that is taking most of a week off. No worries, we will cover, either Kay or I will take those nights. There are also a couple of random days off for both of them during the month making a couple of other evenings are non-negotiable as well. Of the 15 days we need to cover, four of those are already assigned because of the time off requests, leaving 12 days. I have to take 2 of them Kay has to take five of them, she has to take four.

Are you still with me? Good

She has her name written on quite a few days, some of which also have FC written on them – meaning we have a flu shot clinic that evening and she wants to overtime and is working.

At first glance it looks as though she has taken most of the evenings and KD is thinking “yeah, that works”

I looked at her stunned and said, rather forcefully, “NO! First we need to take all of the flu clinics off of this schedule; it should only be for office hours. Second, we do not have evening hours on 12/24 or 12/31, so we need to take them out. So, when you strip it down to what we need to do she only took 2 of the 5 days she should have.”

(One of the three evenings she has her name on, was assigned because of the time off requests)

Kay says “I don’t mind, we can split these.”

“HELL NO! I am not working 7 evenings to her 2. She brought it to you so she could talk circles around you and get you confused.”

She say’s “oh you think so?”

“Uh, YEAH!!!!”

I went to our supervisor on Friday to let her know that I will not be working 7 evenings which include the day after Christmas. (I have the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving and have to be here black Friday.) She totally agreed with me and said she will fix it. She added that Allie will be all fake, “I didn’t know we didn’t have to work” when this is corrected.

And THAT is total bull crap.This is my 4th Christmas here (hers too – we started on the same day)

Our 2nd Christmas here we all “knew” we didn’t have to work late on Christmas Eve that we would be getting out around 2:00. She pulled similar crap so I had extra nights that December. The practice manager, at the time, knew it and let her. But, Allie forgot! Forgot that we were out of here early, forgot that she had taken that particular evening just to jack me, forgot to make up her time other days that week, forgot to come in at 8:30 that morning, forgot she had no PTO or vacation left (we were paid out for it).She blew a hissy fit because she wasn’t going to get paid.

This past Saturday she says to me in a fairly fake sing songy voice -“oh the schedule changed….how silly of me” (yes she said silly) “I didn’t know that they were going to let us leave early on Christmas Eve – that’s so niiiiiiiiiiice”


UGGS are ugly


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UGGs are ugly. Yes they are. I don’t own any because I am cheap. I have purchased knock-off UGGs for my daughter (maybe both daughters, I can’t remember for sure). But, I can’t wrap my head around paying for something that is so damned ugly and will hurt my feet after wearing them all damned day.

I don’t fully understand the hype, about the making of this horrible boots. I know, I get it; they are made from sheep skin. The sheep are killed for their skin. People, what do you think your leather shoes, purses, wallets and jackets are made from? Do you think the cows shed their skin for these items? Maybe they have donation program and the cows register ahead of time. Could there be a ‘check this box for leather donation’ on their driver’s license? If that’s the case it seems to be working quite well, we should emulate that for organ and blood donation.

Pamela Anderson has supposedly spoken out against the company now and regrets her part in making them so popular. I am not saying she is uninformed (I could be the uninformed person here-I don’t know that she actually did say anything about the company or the boots) but if she did say something, did she do any research about the company and its manufacturing processes or did she jump on the mass hysteria bandwagon?

I did a little bit of research, what I found was that the company that makes UGGS states that they use skins that are a by-product of the food industry and they do not deny that there are “knock-off” companies that don’t necessarily conform to an ethical supply chain.

What about the meat you eat? Doesn’t that come from dead animals too? I have seen many posts from friends on FB about how they are disgusted and wish they had never bought the boots or are proud of themselves for not purchasing them. Stop it, you didn’t buy them for the same reason I didn’t buy them. The price is too damned high. Also, I have eaten with some of you people…you eat meat.

I believe that this is a great example of personal consumer choice. It is up to the individual shopper to ensure that they don’t purchase products that were produced in a way that he/she would consider immoral.

Crocs are different. Although they are also as ugly as sin, they don’t cost as much and I don’t know that any plastic animals were killed in order to make them.

What a Cluster***


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The “you need to make an appointment” letters (recalls) print out too early. I mean stupid early

I have over 200 March letters that printed at the end of September and over 100 April letters that printed at the end of October; I can’t send them because we don’t have those schedules.
That is stupid enough, but there’s more!

Every day these letters print automatically. They are given to…whomever, to send out. There is no rhyme or reason for who does them on any given day.
That is idiotic too – no continuity of process/procedure

Ann has them today. She brings me 3 piles and says “I have February, March and April here”
I say “Well, give me the March and April; I’ll add them to the folders. The February letters can be checked and sent out. Chances are you won’t need to actually send any out.

-Here’s why-

Remember just a minute ago I told you they print out MONTHS in advance? The day that a schedule is published, I send the letters for that month out. The letters have been randomly printing for two months at that point and generally all of the kids that have a recall letter or reminder in the system have a letter already printed and in my folder for that month.

If there are any letters for December, January, or February, there is a good chance that they are for a follow-up of some kind and we made the appointment already

We have been trying to catch the kids that somehow seem to fall through the cracks by actually performing the check-out process. Although some of my co-workers don’t actually look at the provider’s note on the checkout screen, we have been able to schedule a fairly high percentage of the patients that need a follow-up or return visit.

Because of this, when I do the letters (the daily letters) it is rare that I have any that need to be mailed out.

So, she says, “well they printed so I am sending them. If ‘they’ didn’t want them sent, ‘they’ wouldn’t have printed them.”

There is so much wrong with that;
Lack of common sense (which as we all know is not common)
Lack of pride in your job
What about trying to improve your work place and the work flow?
Laziness. Is it so hard for you to spend 5 minutes looking to see if these kids really need an appointment?

She does have a semi-point though.

Sorta.”They” have no clue.

I have tried telling “them” what issues have come up regarding the letters. I do suppose that I can come off as a know-it-all. But, I don’t mean to.

I sit at my desk all day long quite often bored to tears. In order keep myself awake and alive (I have been tempted to saw at my wrists with a plastic knife that I stole from the break-room) I started exploring the new system.

I found the letters and had been using them for my doctor (we are each responsible for the mail and schedule of at least one physician) for almost a full year before “they” started to actually use this recall /letter system. I pulled the paper charts for my doc, checked each patient to see when their last physical was and created the recall request – basically I told the system when this child needed to come back.

Then I started manually printing the letters and mailing them. The doctor was busy, her schedule was full & her production percentages went up! Wow, could it possibly be because parents that don’t pay attention to when their kid needs well child visits have been told to make a damned appointment? Hmmmmmm. Please note that my co-workers were irritated by this.

So, “they” decided we all needed to use the letters and since I do know a little about them, I reported the many errors that I found;

– I was the person that told them that the address that the system was pulling into the letter for the child wasn’t necessarily the custodial parent’s address.

– I told them that we (the secretaries) were NOT creating recalls for every child at every visit. -“they” insisted that we were and I was mistaken.

– I explained to them that when the provider opened a chart, to document the visit within the electronic medical record, the system was automatically creating a recall for 1 year out – even if the child needed an appointment before one year (babies do!) or if the patient did not need a follow-up for that particular visit.

– I reminded them that since many of these parents have more than one child and they don’t know enough to know that little Salacacuji needs an appointment, sending a letter to them without mentioning Salacacuji is a waste of time and money. What makes you think that they know if/when any of their kids need an appointment?

– When they receive a letter without a child’s name on it, they won’t call. If they do happen to call, I will spend 20 minutes on the phone with them trying to figure out why a letter was sent and which child needs the appointment.


I think that because I have been the only person to say anything about this unprofessional mess and they never listened anyway, they have decided that this letter system is working well. They will be rolling it out to other practices soon.

So, basically Ann is going about it the wrong way and playing stupid about it.  She is pulling the Allie “oh, I didn’t know”. You know damned well its bull crap.

Should I even mention that the address we have in our system probably isn’t correct, that they have moved twice since the last time they were here and that I will be opening all of this returned mail and noting “bad address” on the demographics page?

For crying out loud in church so the pastor stops preaching and everyone turns to look at you!

Wow, I have issues


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I received some advice last week. A new friend told me that someone as strong willed and opinionated as I am should have a “don’t piss me off” list to hand out. Sort of like a business card or personal brochure, so that new friends and acquaintances would know what not to do or say right from the start.

I suppose I could do that. I may your need help compiling this list. You know how you forget or don’t even realize something pisses you off until it’s all up in your face? Yeah…and with the squirrels running around in my brain, I forget stuff all of the time. I haven’t forgotten my name yet. Yet. Or, how about when you remember something and you actually think “oh, that’s not so bad…why did I get so upset?” Then it happens again, now you remember why.

So here is a start:

Empty ice cube trays in the freezer
Naming your child something that looks like you threw scrabble tiles in the air and used the letters that landed face-up.
Being thanked excessively for no reason other than doing my job.
When the screw top of a 2 liter pop bottle (not a soda bottle, I live in upstate NY) is screwed on so tightly that I need to use vice grips to open it.
Gum snapping
Soup slurping
The sucking noise of a straw when the cup is almost empty
Peanut better in the jelly/jam jar
Dirty dishes in the sink
Windows 8
Constant throat clearing
Rap music – I really don’t understand most of it
Acid rock – it hurts my ears
People that are late
Cooked peppers
Stupid people
Dull pencils
Loud chewing
Wobbly tables
Scraping sound a fork makes on a plate
Being interrupted while reading or writing to look at something on TV
When someone asks a question, doesn’t like the answer so asks someone else who gives them the same answer, then asks a third person who again, gives them the same answer.
Explanations that begin with “I mean”
Forks with tines that aren’t straight
When the cashier gives you change with the coins on top of the bills
People who use their caller ID like an answering service. Example: “Hello?” “Yeah, someone call me from this number?”
Men who refer to “babysitting” their own children
Pee anywhere other than in a toilet.
When people don’t pick up their feet to walk and you hear the scuff… scuff… scuff
Flipping channels incessantly during every commercial break
People who don’t know the difference between they’re /their/there or you’re/your
People who park in Handicap spaces when they are not handicapped
People that write “should of” or “would of” instead of “should’ve” or “would’ve”
People who have to “one up” you
People who say the time like “Eight AM in the morning”
People who eat while talking on the phone to me
People who make up words or try to sound smart by using “big” words but use them incorrectly
People that ask for advice but don’t use it and continue to complain to me about the situation

This was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I have a feeling I’m not done yet.
Poor Len has to live with this insanity.